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* Ask the home health agency to get an official Medicare determination for you by filing a claim on your behalf to Medicare.
Remember, Medicare only pays for home health services provided by a home health agency that meets Medicare quality standards.
You have the right to choose the home health agency from which you get Services and to have your choice honored by your doctor, hospital discharge planner, or other referring agency.
* Would these services/supplies be covered under the home health benefit, if the home health agency included the services on the bill to Medicare?
If a home health agency offers you free goods or services in exchange for your Medicare number, be suspicious.
Evaluate your home health agency and determine the most important areas of focus.
The involvement of a Medicare-certified home health agency can benefit both residents and ownership.
Also, by contracting with a single Medicare-certified home health agency, owners and managers can have some influence and control over the personal care service delivery.
Under most circumstances, the delivery of personal care services by a community's own employees is more efficient than if accomplished through a home health agency. Efficiently operated, a personal care delivery component offered by the assisted living community with its own staffing should produce a 70 to 80% margin in loaded costs.
A home health agency would not remain in business very long supporting staff that did not have billable hours.
Home health company Almost Family (NasdaqGS:AFAM) disclosed on Friday that it has agreed to acquire the assets of the Medicare-certified home health agency for an disclosed sum.
The Medicare-certified home health agency, which is owned by Caldwell Medical Centre located in Princeton, Kentucky, reportedly generated approximately USD1.3m of revenue in 2013.