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Home Office

1. A place in one's residence in which one primarily performs tasks associated with self-employment or with one's job for an employer. For example, one may use the second bedroom in one's house as a home office, keeping one's desk, computer, files and so forth there. A home office may be eligible for a home office deduction if the space is used exclusively for business purposes.

2. A department of the British government responsible for immigration, police, and other matters related to law enforcement. At various times throughout its history, it has overseen other issues, such as adoption, fire services, and worker's compensation. It was established in 1782.

home office

An area of one's residence used for office purposes.Home offices may be eligible for tax benefits—see home office tax deduction. Some states allow real estate brokers to maintain their principal office in their homes under certain circumstances.

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Ullman added that the new home departments will do a better job of identifying classifications in all key items.
And much in the way Bloomingdale's SoHo store in New York reinvented how it merchandised apparel in a small space, the Chevy Chase unit has the potential to redefine home in a small shopping environment, and set the tone for the home department overall, Gould said.
The home department has objected to this provision as IAS and DANICS cadre come under the ambit of central govern- EXTRA MAILTODAY ment's Lokpal.
A Dorm HQ fixture and signs with the tag line, "everything you need for your dorm," was the centerpiece of the housewares section that opened the home department at a Macy's store in Elmhurst, N.
DCOs of all districts included in Phase-III will provide list of sensitive polling stations to the Home department by November 30.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Home Department has issued a high-alert to the security institutions over an assassination threat to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).
Home Department sources told here that the IG Police Punjab had been directed to intensify patrolling.
The jail authorities told him that Sarabjit was medically examined after he wrote to the home department for a medical checkup for the prisoner.
The intelligence wing had initiated the step following a directive from top officials in the state Home Department.
Islamabad, Aug 2 (ANI): The Home Department of Punjab has reportedly barred 23 banned organisations from collecting donations during the month of Ramazan in Pakistan.
KARACHI, June 10 -- Sindh Home Secretary Mohammed Arif Khan has informed the Sindh prosecutor general in a letter that no files, copies of orders or any related record was available with the Home Department with reference to the cases withdrawn in Sindh under the National Reconciliation Ordinance.
The names, the style -- Target does it again with a roster of heavy-hitting designer brand names in the home department.