holding period return

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Holding Period Return

The return on an investment during the time one holds the investment. The HPR is calculated by taking the income and other gains on the investment and dividing it by the historical cost. It is a useful way to compare the expected return to the actual return. The HPR may be calculated for any type of investment. It is also called the holding period yield (HPY).

holding period return (HPR)

The return achieved on an investment including current income and any change in value during an investor's holding period. This measure proves useful in comparing expected returns on different investments. Also called holding period yield.
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To convert an n-month bank discount basis rate to an annualized 1-month holding period yield on a bond interest basis:
6 All holding period yields are assumed to be reported on a common basis.
In essence, we estimate a multivariate ARCH-M model of excess holding period yields then use the estimated process to simulate time-varying term premia.