holding period return

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Holding Period Return

The return on an investment during the time one holds the investment. The HPR is calculated by taking the income and other gains on the investment and dividing it by the historical cost. It is a useful way to compare the expected return to the actual return. The HPR may be calculated for any type of investment. It is also called the holding period yield (HPY).

holding period return (HPR)

The return achieved on an investment including current income and any change in value during an investor's holding period. This measure proves useful in comparing expected returns on different investments. Also called holding period yield.
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Quintile performance is measured by the holding period returns at a number of horizons.
The SLCG study explains that investors who hold leveraged and inverse ETFs for periods longer than a day expose themselves to substantial risk that the holding period returns will deviate from the returns to a leveraged or inverse investment in the index.
In the second step, I select non-repricing firms with one-year prior holding period returns (from months -12 to -1) that are within +/- 5% of the repricing firm's one-year prior holding period return.
1) To do this, we perform an event analysis of holding period returns to the SSE Composite Index (SSECI).
2]) for the long-term interest rate variable is positive and significant, indicating that life insurer equity values are positively (negatively) related to holding period returns (interest rates).
Later we consider one-month holding period returns on seasoned T-bills since 1961.
Table 2 shows some statistics of holding period returns generated by selling short- and medium-maturity straddles at the bid prices and then liquidating the positions (buying back the options at the ask prices) after ten, fifteen, and twenty trading days.
For example, the most often cited research using property-specific data to calculate holding period returns makes these classifications (see Miles and McCue, and Hartzell, Hekman, and Miles, in the Bibliography).
Post announcement holding period returns (HPRs) of the S&P 500 index were calculated using the following formula: Holding period return = (end of period close price--beginning of period close price)/beginning of period close price.
Capital funded to existing, leased institutional grade property will produce only single-digit holding period returns (7%-9%).
Thus, to capture the unique high-risk, high-growth profile of high-tech acquisitions, one of the benchmarks used is the monthly compounded three-year holding period returns of firms in the same industry as the acquiring firm.
First, declining interest rates raise holding period returns on bonds.