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A homeowner (often the only one) who refuses to sell to make way for a new development. For example, if a company attempts to buy all the houses in a neighborhood to make way for a shopping center, a holdout is the one who does not sell. Holdouts can force the buyer to abandon or redesign the project.


A property owner who refuses to sell to a developer who is purchasing a number of separate parcels in order to put them together—an assemblage—for development. Sometimes the practice results in an offer vastly in excess of market price,because the holdout controls the success of the entire project.Other times, developers go back to the drawing board and redesign the project, leaving the holdout with no offer at all and what could turn into very unpleasant living conditions due to being surrounded by parking lots and 24-hour high-intensity lighting.Developers often avoid the problem by purchasing options rather than properties,so that if a critical property owner refuses to sell,the developer can abandon the entire project with a minimal expenditure.

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When not fielding questions from Democratic moles at last week's GOP Presidential debate, Anderson Cooper and CNN had a grand time portraying Republican voters as Bible-thumping, gun-wielding Confederacy hold-outs.
Some hold-outs refuse, and their line will die with them.
But the category warrants attention these days, not only because of the recent actions of the bankrupt Global Home Products, but because improved overseas manufacturing capabilities could make this the next category-perhaps one of the last hold-outs in home furnishings-to face competition from China.
The Government's proposals will have an effect on a few hold-outs, such as the odd train station where smoking is still permitted.
As floodwaters began to slowly recede with the first of the city's pumps returning to operation, Mayor Ray Nagin instructed law enforcement officers and the US military late last night to evacuate all hold-outs for their own safety.
She and several of her neighbors were the last hold-outs in the Fort Trumbull area of New London.
Middle-power countries must bear down on the US and the other hold-outs to make the CTBT a reality.
The only hold-outs opposing Pax Americana in such a scenario would be Iraq, and to a lesser extent Iran; the sentencing of Iranian Jews on July 2 has been a setback to Iran's improving ties with the West, but it is not likely to be catastrophic.
The number of visitors to one of the few communist hold-outs in the world is soaring.
Such articles are by way of titillation, pointing out people not to be taken too seriously, amusing but really oddities, strange hold-outs against what everybody knows to be the inevitable reality of life: sex whenever, wherever.
Is our organizational culture riding on theories that can be represented on the upward wave of innovation in their life cycles, or are we hold-outs for traditional ways of doing things and riding the tail of the product/theory life cycle as it declines and possibly disappears?