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A further suggestion that meditation practice may be associated with psi performance comes from comparing the poll responses with hit rates. Across all 82 individuals, the 6-point scale of reported engagement with meditation correlated positively with hit rate (Spearman rank values of 0.19; p = 0.04).
Additionally, spike speed and spike hit rate on target are not the only factors determining spike performance.
Complete hit rate ranking lists of herbs with AChE inhibiting activity from 197 common herbs were summarized in Supplement Table 1.
The novelty of the proposed method is addressed by comparing with other KS, t, and SSA methods, and simulations on the synthetic time series indicate that the proposed BSTKS is more efficient due to the shortest time, the highest hit rate, and the smallest error and highest accuracy out of four methods.
It turns out that the new kernel significantly outperforms the other two kernels in terms of the MSE, the hit rate, and the capital gain from a simple trading strategy.
Although narcotics dogs do create false alerts, (79) their hit rates far outperform those of highway patrolmen in predicting which cars contain drugs.
Hit rates were recorded for person matching by listing the closest five matches from the 5,142 members of the reference group fbr the 500 members of the random sample.
In the second example, the hit rate distribution is assumed to follow the Zipf-like distribution.
The difference in the hit rate was minimum when increasing the number of descriptors using different directions (grades) and distances for the SC vector.
A larger proportion of foreign-language and non-mainstream titles reduced the hit rate for copy cataloguing on ABN to 72%.
The relation of the hit rate to the other properties of AE signals shows information about the source of the AE signals.
"Training may increase your hit rate a little bit in the long run, but you're still missing a lot," Levine says.