Highly leveraged transaction

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Highly leveraged transaction (HLT)

Bank loan to a highly leveraged firm.
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Highly Leveraged Transaction

A loan to a company or other institution that already has a high amount of debt. A highly leveraged transaction carries a great deal of risk and may increase the likelihood of bankruptcy. A highly leveraged transaction tends to command a large interest rate from the borrower.
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The Board noted that: BW LPG's proposal undervalues Dorian on both an absolute- and relative-value basis; Fails to recognize the value of Dorian's younger, more fuel-efficient ships; Fails to recognize Dorian's superior commercial performance; Forces shareholders to accept equity in a more highly-leveraged combined company; and Proposes a dual listing that is unlikely to benefit Dorian shareholders.
Beijing, China: China's central bank governor has warned that the country's corporate debt levels are too high and are stoking risks for the economy, just as highly-leveraged Chinese companies have gone on an overseas takeover binge.
Because bank leverage is increasingly tightly regulated, sentiment that hits equity valuations can be very damaging if it brings a highly-leveraged bank close to its minimum regulatory-capital ratio.
In a report, the bank said that the country's highly-leveraged companies cannot safely withstand the government's move to cut excess credit.
The Government is paranoid about monopolies of companies in the same business merging but takes a complete hands-off approach with highly-leveraged takeover bids, which are far more dangerous when the firm goes bankrupt.
The bank became a majority shareholder in Primorje after a highly-leveraged buyout conducted by the companya[euro](tm)s management, STA added.Country: SloveniaSector: Construction/Real EstateTarget: PrimorjeVendor: Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB)
The incremental debt would hurt NPC's already highly-leveraged financial risk profile and moderate cash flows, S&P said.
Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels anticipates that investment activity will be strongest in highly-leveraged markets such as the UK and Ireland.
Bosses at EMI, who own the studios, decided to sell the property to pay down some of the mammoth debts it was saddled with after Terra Firma's highly-leveraged 2007 takeover.
Mr Brown will blame our ills on global markets and the off-balance sheet, financial instruments and derivatives of highly-leveraged banks.
Stan Kraska, Co-Head of Global Securities, LaSalle Investment Management, commented: "We see 2008 as a year when low--to moderate-leverage capital will replace highly-leveraged buyers.
At the time of the earlier CVC-led takeover interest, the trustees said they would have to consider all potential threats to the security of the scheme, "such as may arise from a highly-leveraged private equity proposal".