Highly leveraged transaction

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Highly leveraged transaction (HLT)

Bank loan to a highly leveraged firm.

Highly Leveraged Transaction

A loan to a company or other institution that already has a high amount of debt. A highly leveraged transaction carries a great deal of risk and may increase the likelihood of bankruptcy. A highly leveraged transaction tends to command a large interest rate from the borrower.
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Silver Dragon's objective is to acquire silver mining assets that contain promising exploration targets, have highly-leveraged, out-of-the-money silver deposits, and/or are producing properties with significant untapped exploration potential.
KPS has created new companies to purchase operating assets out of bankruptcy; established stand-alone entities to operate divested assets; and recapitalized highly-leveraged public and private companies.
The signing of this Letter of Intent is another key component of our objective to become a silver producer with a portfolio of highly-leveraged silver assets globally.
Don will be an invaluable member of the Silver Dragon team as we continue to pursue our objectives of acquiring and developing a portfolio of highly-leveraged silver assets around the world," stated Marc Hazout, President and CEO.
Silver Dragon is a junior exploration company which intends to focus on working with strategic partners to acquire and develop a portfolio of highly-leveraged exploration silver properties in China.
Jay Rollins, managing director of SPG, commented, "Newman was able to deliver highly-leveraged, interim financing to a repeat client with a good story.
Durnberger is a recognized thought leader for Sun with his management of supply chain practices as he maintains focus on product cost; quality, market availability and continual innovation of supply chain designs that mitigate risk in highly-leveraged product design models.
The weaknesses include: The highly-leveraged nature of the transaction; the older nature of the portfolio at an average age of 27 years; the smaller size of the portfolio both in terms of units per property and square footage per unit; and the smaller size of the Hartford and Providence markets.
LTCM was able to generate such highly-leveraged positions that the demise of those positions would have caused price dislocations in the markets in which it was involved.
A highly-leveraged balance sheet, and limited financial flexibility restrict upside ratings potential.
o That "Alliance is highly-leveraged, and will be more leveraged following its tender offer borrowings.