Highly leveraged transaction

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Highly leveraged transaction (HLT)

Bank loan to a highly leveraged firm.

Highly Leveraged Transaction

A loan to a company or other institution that already has a high amount of debt. A highly leveraged transaction carries a great deal of risk and may increase the likelihood of bankruptcy. A highly leveraged transaction tends to command a large interest rate from the borrower.
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The IDR is constrained by a highly leveraged capital structure and the likelihood that meaningful de-leveraging will not occur until after 2020.
JPMorgan notes the major eastern states are more highly leveraged to finance and real estate.
Global nonfinancial corporate debt grew by 15 percentage points to 96 per cent of GDP over 2011-2017, and S&P estimates that 37 per cent of corporates (based on a global sample of 13,000 entities) could be categorised as highly leveraged in 2017 (i.e.
And are there limits to this highly leveraged commodities speculation, with significant implications for future global producer price trends?
In an environment of low volatility combined with price momentum, there tend to be "highly leveraged, systematic investors" buying into the market as it moves up, Singer says.
But the fact is that US banks are not highly leveraged. Since the financial crisis, capital-to-asset ratios have climbed from around 9 per cent to 12 per cent, on average.
In addition to being instrumental in the development and early implementation of the Foundation's strategic plan, she also is responsible for the conception and growth of Global Entrepreneurship Week, one of the Kauffman Foundation's most far-reaching and highly leveraged initiatives, which takes place in Kansas City, across the United States and in more than 150 countries around the world each November.
With many of the bond funds already highly leveraged themselves, in some cases as high as 53%, losses can be exaggerated when the value of the funds decline.
They find that highly leveraged households were more likely to report cutting back their spending in 2009, even after controlling for other factors expected to influence spending, such as changes in income and wealth.
The central Bank of Singapore has warned that loan quality could fall as a result of an increase in interest rates or slowdown in the economy, given that corporate companies are highly leveraged as of now.
home prices left many households that had borrowed voraciously during the credit boom highly leveraged, with very high levels of debt relative to the value of their assets.
"As well as that, companies with highly leveraged balance sheets will need to refinance large amounts of debts entered into in the height of the market in 2007," he said.

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