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A firefighter evacuates a victim from a high-rise apartment building south of Paris
The 7,000-square-foot store is squeezed into the ground floor of a new high-rise apartment building three blocks west of Times Square on 42nd Street.
Fire Administration branch of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which has been folded into the new department, "The fact that a fire or explosion was set on purpose or is a worse incident than average doesn't make it essentially different from other such disasters." Another FEMA official pointed out to me that even the attack on the World Trade Center has parallels with other incidents involving aircraft crashing into buildings, albeit accidentally, including high-rise apartment houses and, during the 1940s, New York's Empire State Building.
Now Simon sits in his high-rise apartment over Lake Anne, reflecting on the ways his garden city has both held to and drifted from his vision.
And a favoute of mine was Yamakasi, an action-packed film from France about seven young children who invent a new sport to be played amid the high-rise apartment complex they live in.
The Japanese government agreed to build 330 houses and apartments, including two high-rise apartment buildings containing 136 apartments, in the Sada district of Camp Zukeran in central Okinawa.
I hear it all the time in my high-rise apartment building in suburban Washington.
Many of these stories have made their way around the Net for years: the hapless diver water-dumped by helicopter into a raging forest fire; the proofreader dead at his desk a week before anyone notices; the sad suicide/homicide of Roland Opus (who jumps from the roof of his high-rise apartment but is actually killed by a shotgun blast fired by his father as he flies past the family's living room window).
Speaking of neighbors, the area is surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings, and the level of amplified sound is constantly adjusted to avoid discomfort.
A new high-rise apartment building is expected to be 30 percent more energy-efficient than state codes require.
5 to come to a police station for questioning, but he ran away and threw himself off from the rooftop of a nearby high-rise apartment building and died.
The problems included a temporary suspension of hot water supplies at a high-rise apartment complex on the outskirts of Seoul, and two cases in which the age of patients in a hospital were recorded inaccurately due to computer malfunctions, the office said.