high-technology stock

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High-Technology Stock

A stock in a company that sells products involving sophisticated technology. Commonly, high-technology companies deal in electronics, computers, and scientific research. Investing in high-technology stocks is high risk because the market is stiffly competitive, but it may yield a high return, particularly if a technology becomes very popular. This was the case in the 1990s when the Internet became a part of daily life. Many high-technology stocks trade on NASDAQ. See also: Dot-com bubble.

high-technology stock

The stock of a company that is involved in sophisticated technology, such as electronics, computer software, robotics, or life sciences companies. High-technology stock often offers large potential gains but tends to be quite risky because of intense competition and uncertain success.
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BroadVision is a public company traded on the Nasdaq in the United States under the symbol BVSN and on the high technology stock market of Germany, The Neuer Markt segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, under the symbol BDN.
CBOE's advanced technology can be expected to further increase volume in PCX options, which include an impressive concentration of high technology stock options.
56 per cent amid continued buying interest in high technology stocks, including TSMC and UMC.
The first quarter of the year 2000 saw massive switching out of so-called legacy industries into high technology stocks, giving this sector a final boost before the whole new economy bubble imploded.
In New York, both high technology stocks and blue chips advanced Friday.
High technology stocks outperformed the index, with the electronics sub-index gaining 4%.
In fact, since biotech drug development projects can be risky undertakings, and because pharmaceutical stocks have been hammered in 2002, one would expect investors to be cautious, and in a number of cases skeptical, about all high technology stocks in this type of financial environment.
According to Jeff Kalb, CAMD's president and chief executive officer, "This volatility, and in particular the generally depressed condition of high technology stocks, have caused us to postpone the offering indefinitely.
The metrics of measuring success for high technology stocks is different than for the traditional brick and mortar company," said Anthony LaPine, president and CEO of Datalink.
Although balanced growth and income stocks such as UGI have not fared as well as high growth, high technology stocks in recent years, we believe our focus on growing the earnings on the assets entrusted to us will translate into higher valuations for shareholders," concluded Greenberg.
High technology stocks lost ground, led by Matsushita Electric Industrial, which slid 80 yen to 2,200 yen after revising its fiscal 2000 earnings projections downward Tuesday.

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