high-technology stock

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High-Technology Stock

A stock in a company that sells products involving sophisticated technology. Commonly, high-technology companies deal in electronics, computers, and scientific research. Investing in high-technology stocks is high risk because the market is stiffly competitive, but it may yield a high return, particularly if a technology becomes very popular. This was the case in the 1990s when the Internet became a part of daily life. Many high-technology stocks trade on NASDAQ. See also: Dot-com bubble.

high-technology stock

The stock of a company that is involved in sophisticated technology, such as electronics, computer software, robotics, or life sciences companies. High-technology stock often offers large potential gains but tends to be quite risky because of intense competition and uncertain success.
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High tech stocks in key regional markets were also chased higher on favourable comments from brokerage firm Merrill Lynch.
The downturn in high tech stocks did not seem to deflate stock option packages taken by top executives either.
Geary enlisted the adviser and ended up with several portfolios, including a group of high tech stocks earning about 25-30 percent a year.
Now many high tech stocks have recovered, investors could see a selling opportunity today or later in the week, driving another mini-hurricane through the City.
More than 90 internet companies are planning to raise money through initial public offerings of stock over the following six weeks in a litmus test of Wall Street's appetite for high tech stocks.
2 percent on heavy selling in high tech stocks, dealers said.
There is a lull in buying high tech stocks until more evidence emerges about who is really winning the ecommerce battle.
Highlighting the content of the evening will be keynote speaker, Anthony Perkins, founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn Network and author of "The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High Tech Stocks.
If tech company executives are reasonably encouraged at the conferences many of the well-positioned high tech stocks with growing revenues and meaningful earnings will perform satisfactorily," Weil said.
Murphy has authored two books, Every Investor's Guide to High Tech Stocks and Mutual Funds, and Investing in High Tech.
Department officials commented that, "Schoff & Baxter knew or should have known its agent was risking client funds in a dangerous trading strategy of investing in high risk derivative investment products and in volatile high tech stocks.
In spite of the recent volatile market conditions, particularly in high tech stocks, confidence in this offering was so strong that it was 30 percent oversubscribed.

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