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1. In politics, rule by a foreign power, even if masked by a puppet government. For example, Nazi Germany imposed heterarchy on France during World War II despite the presence of the Vichy government.

2. In human relations, governance in which no single participant has direct power over others, but in which any participant may come to possess such power. Heterarchy is very complicated and is marked by multiple, overlapping or even contradictory power structures. It may be contrasted with a hierarchy, but one may exist within the other.
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an ORGANIZATION without a HIERARCHY or leader. All members of the organization have equal authority and involvement in decision-making. Such an organizational form is difficult to sustain beyond the smallest organizations because of the need to coordinate the organization's activities. See WORKERS' COOPERATIVE.
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In short, locality pertains to an especially broad and encompassing level of the historically defined, nested heterarchy of relations that is presented by the past rather than an externally imposed condition of causation per se.
(13) Traduccion libre de: "prefer to see the postnational realm as characterised by heterarchy, by an interaction of different sub-orders that is not subject to common legal rules but takes a more open, political form'.
Heterarchy of labor and kinship has been well documented in the lake basin during later time periods, under the Tiwanaku state (AD 400-1100).
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It's just another example of his incredible attention to detail which empowered the restaurant's young designer, Hanna Carlton from Faber (formerly Heterarchy).
Birmingham-based CWA is working with Heterarchy Interior Architecture which is handling the design.
In addition to the archaeological evidence, the argument is anchored in an impressive range of anthropological theoretical perspectives, including those developed by Susan and Roderick McIntosh about heterarchy in the Inland Niger Delta and at Jenne-Jeno.
(54) Both heterarchy and ontological paradox are elements that seemingly adduce to microfiction's postmodernist aesthetic.
Lastly, these new complex relationships require new governance models that acknowledge the 'heterarchy' over the hierarchy (Malaby, 2009).