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1. In politics, rule by a foreign power, even if masked by a puppet government. For example, Nazi Germany imposed heterarchy on France during World War II despite the presence of the Vichy government.

2. In human relations, governance in which no single participant has direct power over others, but in which any participant may come to possess such power. Heterarchy is very complicated and is marked by multiple, overlapping or even contradictory power structures. It may be contrasted with a hierarchy, but one may exist within the other.
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an ORGANIZATION without a HIERARCHY or leader. All members of the organization have equal authority and involvement in decision-making. Such an organizational form is difficult to sustain beyond the smallest organizations because of the need to coordinate the organization's activities. See WORKERS' COOPERATIVE.
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Labor organization under Tiwanaku was likely heterarchical, with different groups performing different tasks for the state and their livelihoods (Becker 2016, 2017; Janusek 2008).
(11) Traduccion libre de: "The network concept in general focuses on heterarchical relationships between multiple actors.
But where in the hierarchical and heterarchical relationships of power that govern the Internet should we intervene?
(112) New discourses have emerged among EU law specialists that support a vision of "constitutional pluralism," which challenges the ECJ's understanding of the supremacy of European law and favors a more heterarchical legal order in which the EU legal order and national legal orders coexist without the former being superior to the latter.
A further example from Epstein will help illustrate the device of temporal punctualism; the frequent presence of a heterarchical structure, and the peculiar reading phenomenology that is logically conditioned, if not determined, by microfiction's poetics of brevitas:
Because of the knowledge shown by the in-house ABC employees, the contributors placed them in an authoritative position, thus disrupting the heterarchical ideal.
Too many players and systems are involved to centrally regulate what is essentially a heterarchical, complex, adaptive, and interdependent network.
(2013), "To Infinity and Beyond ...: Heterarchical Governance, the Teach for All Network," European Educational Research Journal 12(4): 492-512.
This is why the old hierarchies of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and Syria failed as the heterarchical revolutions of the Arab Spring destroyed their structured and unimaginative governments.
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Another major theme was the focus on humans working with autonomous systems in a heterarchical framework, with the conclusion that the most effective combinations include both human and machine intelligence.