Helsinki Exchanges

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Helsinki Exchanges (HEX)

The Helsinki Exchanges (HEX Ltd., Helsinki Securities and Derivatives Exchange and Clearing House) was formed at the beginning of 1998 following the merger of the Helsinki Stock Exchange Ltd. and SOM Ltd., the Securities and Derivatives Exchange, and the Clearing House.
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Helsinki Exchanges said in a separate statement that it would transfer the share of Janton Oyj to the surveillance list due to the delisting application.
The listing of the OM shares on the Helsinki Exchanges relates to the combination of the Swedish company OM and the Finnish company HEX Plc and is subject to the completion of OM's offer to the shareholders and warrant holders of HEX Plc.
The Finnish-Swedish telecomms operator TeliaSonera AB said today (19 February) that its Finnish subsidiary Sonera Corporation had applied for delisting of its shares and warrants from the Helsinki Exchanges (HEX).
Finnish stock exchange Helsinki Exchanges (HEX) said on Monday (3 February) that the company would adopt a new transaction business organisation.
Finnish stock exchange Helsinki Exchanges (HEX) said today (19 December) that evening trade at HEX would be shortened by half an hour.

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