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1. Describing a situation in which a security is temporarily unavailable for trade. A security may be held for a variety of reasons, including an inability to give or receive a quote. See also: Suspend trading.

2. Describing a security or other asset on which one has a long position. That is, one holds a security when one owns it.


Temporarily unavailable for trading. —Used of a security.
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Not only does this information help to identify the most likely geographical origin of the aphid, and the possible incursion pathway, but it also enables identification of the plant resistance genes among the many existing overseas that could be used by breeders to develop new resistant cereal varieties, said Dr van Helden.
For this event, the Swedish poet and artist Johannes Helden, together with artist and programmer Hakan Jonson, composed a new digital piece called Evolution (www.
Burke, Van Helden and Keenan, along with others, went into the off-licence at around 3.
Van Helden has worked on several the remixes for big name artists including Britney Spears, Puff Daddy and this sister of the late King of PopC*
Van Helden hypothesizes that a combination of ointment and pressure treatment might be the best way to slow the spread of snake venom.
This would buy bite victims around 50 per cent more time to seek treatment, says van Helden.
Mr Helden says that balance is needed to restore respect, and that lags are given perks too freely.
Lichfield-based prison officer Steve Helden began his career in the Prison Service in 1969 - before the moon landing and prior to Concorde taking flight for the first time.
Bernadette Van Helden, Toby Carpenter, James Van Helden.
It sounds like A-Trak and Armand van Helden (aka Duck Sauce) have knocked together a very simple glitterball disco house track and thought to themselves, how do we make this a bit better?
The Huddersfield venue has already attracted world famous dance acts and DJs including Groove Armada, Pete Tong, Armand Van Helden, the Scratch Perverts - and has broadcast live on Radio 1's Essential mix.
A Mercury Prize winner in 2003 and a cult hip-hop hero ever since, the East London rapper has finally broken through to the mainstream with a bit of help from Calvin Harris and ArmandVan Helden.