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But you are right, in some cultures in Namibia, people do still believe that the man is the head of the household and that the woman should not be equal to him.
AGE FACTORThe survey also found that poverty rate increases as the age of the head of the household advances.
Phyllis But when her brother - now head of the household - discovers the relationship, he stops it, threatening Bill - then beating and raping Bridget.
When readers meet twelve-year-old Joey Grosser, his father has just died of a heart attack, and Joey suddenly becomes head of the household. He is unprepared to take on the adult responsibilities of running the family corner store with Ma, taking care of his younger brother, and worrying about finances.
Ashraf Hilal, head of the Household and Electrical Appliances division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that a memorandum will be sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as the foreign trade sector, in order to look into the reasons house appliances factories that are qualified to export to Egypt are not registered until now, even though they have been ready for more than a year.
In a week I have been trying to explain to him how Parliament works (I have been there nearly six years and I am sure that there are still things I don't know), EU referendum (Scottish referendum), the Bus Service Bill and then we got on to voter registration I explained that when I was a teenager the "head of the household" registered everyone in the house to vote.
An important determinant of household poverty is education of the head of the household. In the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), originated from the United Nations (UN) summit 1999, and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), promoted by the World Bank and the IMF, education is considered as a weapon against poverty.
And for students, who make up significant parts of some Liverpool council wards, they could be registered as a group by their university, acting as "head of the household", but this is no longer an option.
While commenting on the role of BISP, Ms.MarviMemon stated that BISP is following the vision of empowering family through empowerment of women as head of the household.
My parents were a partnership, neither claiming to be head of the household, they simply supported each other in everything they did.
Residents told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "IS" warned them to raise these devices starting today otherwise there will be arrests the head of the household and pay a fine of $ 1,000.
Under the previous system the 'head of the household' would have filled out the form for everybody under the same roof.