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On the request of Director General Pakistan Meteorological Department, the committee also recommended hardship allowance for the Met employees working in the far flung areas including northern areas and Balochistan.
I had heard that term many years back when I was working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when an Indian secretary told me that certain people such as corporate bosses and embassy staff from western nations get a hardship allowance when posted in Asian and Arab countries.
The fund will cover the deficiency in last year's Special Hardship Allowance (SHA) given to teachers in 14,896 schools and 2,395 school districts and community learning centers in all the regions, the secretary said.
The charter of demands was presented by Tarbela Dam Labour Union Chairman, Afsar Khan, demanding hardship allowance, promotion of Tarbela Dam employees, up-gradation of grades, shift and risk allowance, job allowance for sanitary workers, dangerous allowance for linemen, regularization of daily wage employees, formation of service rules, marriage and delivery grants, upgradation of Wapda hospital paramedical staff and filling the vacant posts in Tarbela Dam Wapda schools and colleges.
Old age pensioners' weekly hardship allowance nil; immigrants PS100 per week.
Married (with children) COLAS and hardship allowance and the older executives at their "empty nest" stage again attracted by salary and COLAs that maintains the life pattern of seniors in a juncture (Dunbar and Bird, 1992; Bird and Dunbar, 1991; Harvey, 1993).
Pensioners, carers and those with disabilities will receive a [euro]100 hardship allowance.
I'd like to see him live the way some people do and like to see him live on hardship allowance for a few months.
In India, US diplomats even get a 20 per cent hardship allowance, which goes up to 25 per cent for their consulate in Kolkata.
Assessing liveability has a broad range of uses, from benchmarking perceptions of development levels to assigning a hardship allowance as part of expatriate relocation packages.
Representing a mix of danger money and hardship allowance in these base salaries, we find Russia's Arctic exploration driving imported skills, and China's drive on non-conventional skills also pulling in experts on premium rates," Hays Oil and Gas Job Search says.
There are no Welsh cities on the list, which is not an exhaustive list of the world's cities but a survey to help companies assess if they should pay employees hardship allowance when they're moved to new cities.