durable good

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Durable Merchandise

Consumer products designed and intended to last longer than three years. Some examples of durable merchandise, such as cars, are expensive, while others, such as forks and knives, are not. Companies that produce durable merchandise can be volatile, as their profits fluctuate according to how often their customers need more of their products. Durable merchandise is also called consumer durables or durable goods.

durable good

a CONSUMER GOOD, such as a motor car, and CAPITAL GOOD, such as a machine, that is used up over relatively long periods of time rather than immediately.


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It enables the customer to fully utilize all the features of the hard good they've purchased.
PHILIPPINE exporters of garments and hard goods expect their sales to grow by 5 percent this year to about $1 billion, as more foreign companies start to either put up or expand their respective operations in the country.
Maine Oxy is a leading distributor of industrial, medical and specialty gases, and hard goods including welding and cutting equipment, supplies and accessories.
Richard Howard is the new director of hard goods licensing.
By contrasting industrial hard goods and an intangible consumer service, we wanted to isolate how much the dynamics of alliances with resellers depend on what is being sold to whom.
PHILIPPINE garments and hard goods manufacturers expect their export earnings to increase by as much as 15 percent this year following the country's recent inclusion in the European Union's new generalized system of preferences (GSP+), the Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc.
Exports of garments and hard goods may grow by only 5 percent this year as the continued increase in electricity rates are seen to largely hamper the sectors' expected expansion, the Foreign Buyers Association of the Philippines (Fobap) warned on Friday.
Entertainment/Character License-- Powerpuff Girls; Hard Goods Licensee: Pressman Toy for Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?
Berd Alba, company vice president for operations support group, said export sales of garments were expected to account for 85 percent of the expected $260 million revenue, while the remaining 15 percent will come from hard goods such as handicrafts, furniture and home accessories.
NEW YORK--Earnings from operations for hard goods specialty stores averaged 5.