hard dollars

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Hard dollars

Actual separate payments made by a customer for services, including research, provided by a brokerage firm. Antithesis of soft dollars.
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Hard Dollars

Fees paid in cash to a brokerage for services. For example, an investor may pay hard dollars for research or investment advice from the brokerage. Hard dollar payments are made in cash rather than deducted from the value of a security transaction. See also: Soft dollars.
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hard dollars

Cash payment to a brokerage firm for goods or services provided by the firm. Thus, individual investors are usually required to pay cash for a market letter. Compare soft dollars.
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This often results in hard dollar costs (stemming from replacing smaller servers with larger ones or on clustering the existing servers) and soft dollar costs in the form of a loss in employee productivity.
While there may be savings from these techniques, they are more likely "avoided costs" and thus aren't the hard dollars you can put in the bank.
The payback, Boggs said, comes both in hard dollars, and in soft.
By plugging those figures into the operational model, the manager can show the heretofore "soft" cost effects on the call center in hard dollars.
Lots of incumbents--Democrats and Republicans alike--secretly like this devil's bargain, because they think it would make it easier to raise the hard dollars they so desperately need for their campaigns.
In a narrow, technical sense, neither Lazio nor Backus was wrong in saying that collecting hard dollars is consistent with the law; nor are they wrong in arguing that huge hard-money fundraising would be acceptable under the McCain-Feingold version of reform.
2) If soft dollars were not available to purchase research, the money management firm would have to spend hard dollars to get the information needed.
"Andrew has looked at the return on investment and sees two areas of benefit in terms of hard dollars in expense reduction," says Edward Nield, vice president of MIS at Andrew.
He explains the biggest capital investment in a retail store is not the hard dollars paid out; it's the lease commitment--in most cases a 10-year obligation.
Ignore the boring title, "Global Asset Management 2014: Steering the Course to Growth" and instead focus on the cold, hard dollars.
We still don't have enough information to interpret the data into hard dollars for natural person credit unions.