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Automated reporting * Monthly customizable reports generated automatically and sent to vehicle drivers * Safety reporting * Hard stops * Speeding * Threshold reporting * Street Viewable Maps * Automated off-the-path reporting of frequently visited place * Bulk imports * Excel files with populated drivers and park locations to be easily imported into users and geo-fences * Minimum of 1-minute breadcrumb tracking * NON-OBD * Must be standard 3-wire, under dash installation, which can be easily removed if vehicle is retired or traded in * Web-based * Provide training * Single GUI, and expandable * Ability to access archived data * Ability to track in dead-zones * Live tracking etc.
We have a number of required hard stops, locations we are required to visit and interpret.
Using multiple vendors can create breaks in system communications and potential hard stops that slow turn times, cost more money and cause deal fallout.
The alert was not a hard stop, as we have organizationally made a decision to minimize hard stops.
Christensen confesses that the only way he has been able to accomplish the balance that reflects what truly matters to him is by "setting hard stops, barriers, and boundaries in my life" and offers a few memorable examples.
A game puts considerable pressure on the body, with players having to make short sprints, hard stops, and twists and turns during the course of the match.
You often hear in discussions and literature that hard stops are not good; find a workaround," says Vaidya.
So this has led to the requirement for serious static guarding, such as fences barriers and hard stops to protect workers from robots.
Safety related items like light screens, perimeter guarding, safe distance calculations, robot base limit switches and hard stops should be carefully designed, programmed and debugged to ensure safe cell operation.
He has increased the intensity of his skates to include hard stops and starts, and the leg has passed all tests.