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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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Pumps were placed into a 24 x 7 HVM production site with the goal to operate the pump for at least 14 days without maintenance in a real manufacturing environment.
At point D, the PLC control signal Y5 will activate the HVM arm to close its grips by doing so the HVM arm takes hold of the item-box.
Despite a quantitative stage, the cutting criterion to identify which relationships to include in the HVM is a critical and subjective factor, determined by the researcher.
HVM Capital publishes activist research on the taxicab medallion industry and capital markets.
The event, at The Wilton Centre, Redcar on Tuesday, March 10, will combine purchasing insight, breakout sessions and networking with speakers from Tees Valley Unlimited, ORE Catapult, HVM Catapult and UK Trade & Investment.
Two of the Catapults, High Value Manufacturing (HVM) and Satellite Applications, were created by bringing together existing resources and had a head start on the other five.
d) from this matrix, the Mecanalysf software generates the hierarchical value map (HVM), which corresponds to a tree-shaped diagram and graphically represents the connections or associations between attributes, consequences and values surveyed in the interviews.
Despite the withdrawal of HVM Status GP, Gulf Racing Middle East and reigning champions Starworks Motorsport, there are still 10 P2 cars entered for Silverstone, including Delta-ADR and Greaves Motorsport.
En la tercera etapa los conceptos resultantes en las entrevistas se clasifican en un numero pequeno de categorias, estableciendose los enlaces en una matriz de implicacion y construyendose posteriormente un mapa jerarquico de valor (Hierarchical Value Map o HVM) (Ter Hofstede et al, 1998; Brunso, Fjord & Grunert, 2002; Poulsen, Juhl & Grunert, 2003; Chiu, 2004).
The centre will be based within the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult project at Warwick, and will build on the UK's research base in electrochemistry.
Table 1 shows the microhardness value of HVm 50 which is determined by puncture into the influenced side of the chip before and after annealing at 300[degrees]C / 4 hours.
The tower was in fact "the only suitable site in this area for the HVM (High Velocity Missile) system," it added.