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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

A department in the United States charged with promoting homeownership. It oversees the Federal Housing Administration and has a relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It also provides vouchers to make rent more affordable and provides grants for community development. It was established in 1965.


The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. This federal cabinetlevel department has a wide variety of responsibilities, including

• Enforcing fair housing laws
• Assisting community development through block grants, loan guarantees, and disaster recovery assistance
• Regulating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
• Supporting health care through providing mortgage insurance for hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities
• Aiding Native Americans with specialized housing programs
• Educating citizens about hazards such as lead paint
• Overseeing the Federal Manufactured Housing Program
• Providing public housing assistance
• Making available housing counseling
• Administering a number of mortgage insurance programs for multifamily housing
• Providing mortgage insurance for single-family houses
• Handling witness relocation for people who have testified about crimes in their public or assisted housing buildings

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The report contains a detailed outline of the market related to HUD system and its components, technologies, and applications.
We also believe that HUD should provide greater clarity concerning the new requirements on disclosure of broker fees tied to the interest rate selected by the borrower," Courson added.
Recommendation: In order to better promote green building practices, the Secretary of HUD should direct the appropriate program offices to consider working with DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a utility benchmarking tool for multifamily properties.
Another criticism in the HUD report was that management failed to properly implement critical accounting policies in part due to the lack of a sound policy development framework.
This $100 million heist went on under the nose of three layers of supposed oversight: the city, Congress, and HUD.
For more information about HUD, call 202/708-0685 or visit its Web site at www.
This distrust and suspicion of HUD is reflected in President Bush's budget guidelines.
HUD should expedite development of small business compliance guides for each of its rules.
At the outset, I should say we have enjoyed our cooperative working relationship with HUD.
Marilyn Davis, assistant secretary of HUD, was in Little Rock on March 30 to speak to the shrinking staff of the Arkansas HUD office and to hold a press conference to bolster President Clinton's economic strategy.