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Schaech made his debut appearance as Hex in Season 1, episode 11, in which he was introduced as Rip Hunter's (Arthur Darvill) old friend.
When Turnbull starts plotting to overthrow the union, Hex (Josh Brolin) is the only man who can stop him.
non-metallic bumper, NSN 5340-01-285-7512, which includes spacer plate, NSN 5365-01-292-7763; flat washer, NSN 5310-01-285-0123; and hex socket screw, NSN 5305-01-285-0116
The disciplinary board considered that the breach was due to the company's negligence only, HEX added.
Hex bore bearings are commonly used in applications where collars, setscrews or other locking devices are not required.
For the determination of the Hex isoenzymes, various electrophoretic, chromatographic, immunochemical, or heat inactivation techniques have been put forward [1].
Finnish stock exchange operator HEX Integrated Markets Ltd, part of the Finnish-Swedish stock exchange operator OMHEX AB, reported on Tuesday (1 June) combined monthly statistics for the Swedish stock exchange Stockholmsborsen, Finnish HEX Helsinki, Estonian HEX Tallinn and Latvian HEX Riga.
It tells you to hold the pin with a hex wrench to remove the expandable nut, NSN 5310-00-923-4219.
series hydraulic torque wrenches incorporate a disconnect feature that allows a cylinder to be attached to either a conventional square drive link or hex link quickly and easily.