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By enhancing people's decision making and shortening the egress route, the HEX Dynamic Evacuation System significantly increases chances of survival.
Schaech made his debut appearance as Hex in Season 1, episode 11, in which he was introduced as Rip Hunter's (Arthur Darvill) old friend.
In serums obtained from 111 neonates, HEX activity amounted 360.5 [+ or -] 114.0 nKat/L.
Hex Tie hit the scene in 2014 and was created by Enrique Alejandro Peral, a luxury men's fashion visionary with the heart and passion of an entrepreneur and the soul of an artist, both combined to create Hex Tie.
When Turnbull starts plotting to overthrow the union, Hex (Josh Brolin) is the only man who can stop him.
When President Grant (Aidan Quinn) learns of the "terrorista", he declares: "The fate of our nation rests on Jonah Hex's shoulders."
* non-metallic bumper, NSN 5340-01-285-7512, which includes spacer plate, NSN 5365-01-292-7763; flat washer, NSN 5310-01-285-0123; and hex socket screw, NSN 5305-01-285-0116
The claim of EUR5m plus interest was related to value added tax that the banks and brokerage firms paid to HEX and APK for trading and clearing services during the years 1995-2000.
E-Z Lok has expanded its line of die cast zinc alloy Hex Drive Thread Insert for wood.
Since their introduction three years ago, hex bore agricultural bearings from Peer Bearing Co, Waukegan, IL, have achieved world-wide acceptance among agricultural equipment manufacturers.
"We used to get the hex bolt form by using six small, square inserts and grind them and work them to place inside of a ring to form that shape," notes Selimi.