gun jumping

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Gun jumping

In the context of securities trading, refers to trading in a security on the basis of information that has not been made available to the public. The illegal solicitation of buy orders in an underwriting before completion and finalization of Securities and Exchange Commission registration. Also see front running.
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Gun Jumping

The act or practice of soliciting orders for a new issue of a security before it has been registered with the SEC, or before its registration has been approved. Gun jumping amounts to soliciting orders outside the SEC's regulation and is, as such, illegal. Engaging in gun jumping can delay the actual issue of the security.
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gun jumping

1. The trading in a security before inside information has been released to the public.
2. Solicitation of orders for a new security underwriting before the SEC has approved the registration statement.
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Among these are the imposition of maximum fine of P1 million for the supply of incorrect or misleading information; P50,000 to P2 million for failure to comply with an order of the commission; prohibited mergers that carry graduated penalties of P100 million to PP250 million in fine and non-notification of a consummated merger or gun-jumping, among others.
The limitations exist to prevent "gun-jumping," which according to attorney Richard Liebsekind, is the term the Antitrust Division of the U.S.
"Anything reducing competitiveness in the marketplace, such as how we'll price after we merge, is considered gun-jumping," he said.
They also answer practical questions like whether pre-notification consultations are customary in a given jurisdiction and whether "carve-out" arrangements may be implemented to allow for closing to take place in jurisdictions where approval is still pending, as well as those raised in risk assessment, such as whether the jurisdiction at issue has a track record of fining foreign companies for failure to file and whether it has ever issued penalties for "gun-jumping" offenses.
Things proved to be more complicated, because for some reason they were obliged to give a lift back to town to the fat little gun-jumping physician, Dr Ionescu, who turned out to be a talkative soul.
Apparently a similar buffet, prepared by the same ladies who had in fact been slaving over it since well before sparrow-fart, had been available on Boxing Day itself but had been carefully wrapped and concealed beneath the counter to protect it, and of course the cognac, from the fearsome depredations of gun-jumping scoffers, not least the ever-opportunistic Clint.
Consider the leading gun-jumping SEC enforcement action, Carl M.
As such PCC has encouraged SMC to seek advice or PNC from the agency's Mergers and Acquisitions Office in order to determine date / deadline of their submission of requirements and avoid gun-jumping.
Premerger coordination; the emerging law of gun-jumping and information exchange.
But Jones is quick to point out not only that this is gun-jumping on a massive scale, but also that it is an insult to Smith, who is still in a job at Everton as long as they avoid embarrassing FA Cup defeat at Stoke City today.