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Later, common settlers from Scotland (14) and German ecclesiastical reformers from the Saratov Gubernia (15) joined them.
Petersburg, the authors of this petition were 35 Muslim notables--primarily merchants, aristocrats, and landowners--from various gubernias under the jurisdiction of the Orenburg Muslim Spiritual Assembly.
The 4 October 1884 account of Kaunas' governor of printing houses, lithographic shops and photographic studios in Kaunas gubernia; submitted to the Supreme Board of Printing; RGIA, f.
The north-west of Kazakhstan, including the lands of Ural and Orenburg Cossack Hosts, was at the time part of the Orenburg Gubernia. The first governor-general of the Steppe Region, Gerasim Kolpakovsky (and all his successors) was, at the same time, the Ataman [the chief] of the Siberian Cossack Hosts, thus symbolizing the important role the Cossacks played in the Russian colonization of the Great Steppe.
There likewise exists a three-volume encyclopedia of Pushkin associations--people and places--in the Pskov gubernia alone, and another devoted exclusively to Evgenii Onegin.
That same year, Russia officially annexed Crimea and added that territory under the name Tavricheskaya Gubernia (Tavrian Province).
The Case of the Augustav/Suvalki Gubernia," Ab Imperio, no.
The relationship between church and authorities in Bessarabia passed through different configurations, because the status of this territory has changed: from province to gubernia, and later it became a republic in the componence of the Soviet empire.
Sergey Bulgakov was born in a priest's family in 1871, in the Orlov gubernia. Bulgakov's family is rich in church leaders, theologians, historians, and includes the father of the famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov as a distant relative.
My father was born in 1904 in Volkovysk, a shtetl in the middle of what is now Belarus, then Minsk gubernia of the Tsar's empire.