Guaranteed investment contract

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Guaranteed investment contract (GIC)

 A pure investment product in which a life company agrees, for a single premium, to pay at a maturity date the principal amount of a predetermined annual crediting (interest) rate over the life of the investment.

Guaranteed Investment Contract

A pension plan purchased through a bank or an insurance company for a lump sum in which the principal is guaranteed by the issuer. One may receive payments from a GIC either in installments or as a lump sum after retirement. A GIC provides the pensioner with a small interest rate that is not guaranteed, but the fact that the principal is guaranteed makes it a relatively low-risk investment.

guaranteed investment contract (GIC)

An investment product sold by life insurance companies that guarantees a return for a specific length of time on a large, lump-sum premium. Most GICs are funded by transfers from some other pension plan. The return of principal is dependent on the insurance company's ability to satisfy its obligation.

Guaranteed investment contract (GIC).

A guaranteed investment contract, or GIC (pronounced gick), promises to preserve your principal and to provide a fixed rate of return when you begin to withdraw from the contract, typically after you retire.

You can invest in a GIC through a salary reduction plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b) sponsored by your employer, provided that investment option is offered.

Because of their fixed rates, GICs are vulnerable to inflation. And you may have to pay a penalty if you decide to change from a GIC to a different investment.

Insurance companies that offer GICs assume the risk that the rate they earn on their investments will outperform the rates they've guaranteed on the GICs.

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Oakland has purchased hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Guaranteed Investment Contracts from defendants named in the suit.
State insurance regulators are trying to gauge the suitability of insurers issuing instruments such as guaranteed investment contracts, a concern that took on new urgency last year when General American Life Insurance Co.
It provides annuities and guaranteed investment contracts through its insurance subsidiaries, Integrity Life Insurance Company and National Integrity Life Insurance Company, face-amount certificates through SBM Certificate Company and broker support and products through its broker-dealer, ARM Securities Corporation.
O'CONNOR: Guaranteed investment contracts originated 20 years ago when people didn't want to be in an open-ended annuity but wanted to avoid the volatility of the bond market.
SunAmerica, a diversified financial services company, holds more than $23 billion in assets throughout its businesses, including fixed and variable annuities, guaranteed investment contracts, mutual funds and trust services.
SunAmerica holds more than $23 billion in assets throughout its businesses, including fixed and variable annuities, guaranteed investment contracts, mutual funds and trust services.
Responsible for nearly $24 billion of assets, the company specializes in fixed and variable annuities, guaranteed investment contracts, mutual funds, retirement trust services and broker-dealer operations.
Prior to purchase of the mortgage certificates, bond proceeds and the authority's contribution will be invested in guaranteed investment contracts rated 'AA/F1+' or higher by Fitch.
1 million of the State investment in guaranteed investment contracts to secure and repay the loan principal.
Throughout 2005, JNL utilized available capital to opportunistically issue institutional products (medium-term notes, guaranteed investment contracts and funding agreements), increasing sales by 15 percent over the previous year to $1.
Protective operates in numerous segments of the life insurance industry and focuses its efforts primarily through six business units: agency marketing, group marketing, financial institutions marketing, investment products, guaranteed investment contracts (GICs), and block acquisition business.
specializes in retirement savings and investment products and services, including individual variable and fixed annuities, group retirement products, mutual funds, financial planning and investment advisory services and guaranteed investment contracts.

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