guaranteed account

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Guaranteed Account

1. A margin account at a brokerage where the maintenance requirement is secured by the assets or the excess margin on another account. This reduces the risk to both the brokerage and the account holder.

2. See: Insured Account.

guaranteed account

A brokerage account that has its margin requirements or losses guaranteed by the assets of another account.
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When financial markets were in free fall a few years ago, many participants transferred assets out of stocks and bonds and into lower-yielding guaranteed accounts, Knapp said.
Transfer your IRA into a combination of guaranteed accounts, separate accounts with income guarantees and actively managed accounts.
Pinnacle was created by six previous Birmingham Midshires' employees who are able to draw on their vast knowledge of banking background and can provide advice on a large array of guaranteed accounts, in addition to traditional investment and pension products.
This would mean that participants choosing a variable account would see their account balances rise and fall with the market, and employees desiring a guarantee would accept the going rate on guaranteed accounts for reasonable periods of time, or some combination of both.