growth phase

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Growth phase

A phase of development during which a company experiences rapid earnings growth as it produces new products and expands market share.

Growth Phase

In an industry life cycle, an early phase marked by an end to technological innovation and the attempt by different companies in the industry to gain larger market shares. That is, even if two competing companies make exactly the same product, they will use marketing, pricing, and other methods to become a leader in that product's market.

growth phase

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We think Brent has now started to form a new growth phase with the target at $130.
Such hormonal changes can also cause hair to change from its growth phase before its normal time, increasing the loss.
This length of time allows the business to get through the introductory cycle and into their growth phase.
With an average growth phase of four years, you can afford to lose 75-80 hairs a day.
Then, in our view, the flat correction will be completed and followed by another growth phase.
Since each laser hair removal treatment needs to target the follicles in a specific growth phase, and since adjacent hairs can be in a different growth phase simultaneously, a minimum of three treatments spaced a few weeks apart are necessary.
are firmly entrenched in the growth phase, while Boston awaits a full recovery of business travel.
com companies in Europe, announces the acquisition of Growth Phase Europe, a UK provider of business and IT services.
While negotiating long-term commercial leases with low, fixed annual increases is acknowledged to be sound business practice, long-term deals can backfire for many companies, particularly those in a growth phase, that don't carefully consider the larger ramifications on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) earnings.
Internet Consulting Firm Promotes Other Executives as it Prepares for Next Growth Phase
Yet currency market situation and euro growth phase (dollar weakening) expected to start today indicate that the index might stop declining and start to go up.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- Saks Fifth Avenue, one of America's premier retailers, disclosed today that it is "moving aggressively and opportunistically into a growth phase," and will accelerate the development of its business.