Growth and income fund

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Growth and income fund

A mutual fund that invests primarily in stocks with a history of capital gains (growth) and consistent dividend payments (income).

Growth and Income Fund

A mutual fund that invests in both high growth companies and companies known for paying dividends. Growth and income funds combine aspects of growth funds and income funds. As a result, they have more risk and higher returns than income funds and lower risk and lower returns than growth funds.

growth and income fund

An investment company that invests in the common stock of growing companies that have a history of paying dividends. This type of fund is a compromise between a growth fund that concentrates on capital gains and an income fund that concentrates on maximizing current income.

Growth and income fund.

Growth and income mutual funds invest in securities that provide, as their name suggests, a combination of growth and income.

This type of fund generally funnels assets into common stocks of well-established companies that pay regular dividends and increase in value at a regular, if modest, rate. The balance of the fund's portfolio is in high-rated bonds and preferred stock.

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Growth and income funds are more balanced in their approach.
Look at growth and income funds first, and perhaps growth funds it you're feeling a bit frisky.
For the 1, 5 and 10-year periods ending 2/28/98, Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio was ranked 156, 12 and 3 out of 647, 254, and 140 growth and income funds, respectively.
In comparison, the fixed-income portion of other growth and income funds typically diminishes the capital appreciation potential of their overall portfolios, cautions Kantor.
Lexington Corporate Leaders Trust Fund is a unique no-load growth and income fund that is structured as a Unit Investment Trust.
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