growth phase

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Growth phase

A phase of development during which a company experiences rapid earnings growth as it produces new products and expands market share.

Growth Phase

In an industry life cycle, an early phase marked by an end to technological innovation and the attempt by different companies in the industry to gain larger market shares. That is, even if two competing companies make exactly the same product, they will use marketing, pricing, and other methods to become a leader in that product's market.

growth phase

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Maureen Thomas Brings Proven Revenue Growth Track Record and More Than 25 Years of Experience with Technology Companies in Rapid Growth Phase
Santo said there are three growth phases for each hair folicle--the anagen phase, the active growth phase in which cells form the hair shaft; the catagen phase, in which the hair stops its growth cycle but doesn't fall out; and the telogen phase, in which the hair falls out to be replaced by new hairs.
If we are right and the second growth phase is now starting to develop within this wave (growth phases in a zigzag are mostly equal), then the target of wave B might be expected at 1730 points (maybe higher).
Quain also founded Schroder's Industrial Manufacturing Group, an area focused on raising capital for industrial companies in various growth phases of their development, and co-founded one of the industry's most well attended investor conferences, "In Rust We Trust.
Yet currency market situation and euro growth phase (dollar weakening) expected to start today indicate that the index might stop declining and start to go up.
Then, in our view, the flat correction will be completed and followed by another growth phase.