Group insurance

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Group insurance

Insurance coverage for a group, which can usually be obtained at a cheaper rate than insurance for an individual.

Group Insurance

Insurance provided to a whole number of people who negotiate collectively. Group insurance is thought to provide better insurance at a lower rate to members of the group because the insurer is able to spread its risk over a larger number of people that it otherwise would be able to do. Unions and other trade groups often procure group insurance policies.
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Likewise Enterprise is a simple upgrade for customers who have installed Likewise Open and want to use group policies to manage their mixed environment and use the auditing features of Likewise Enterprise to view access reports.
0 is the only solution with more than 500 Active Directory Group Policies for managing Linux, UNIX and Mac servers and desktops.
5 offers best-in-class integration with Microsoft's Group Policy Management Console and Group Policy Object Editor -- tools that assist with managing group policies.
For a comprehensive listing of Group Policies delivered by Centrify DirectControl, visit http://www.
NetAccess is unique in the way network administrators can setup multiple group policies for bandwidth control, billing and location-based content delivery using a single network infrastructure.
These newly formed group policies are innovative examples of new workers' compensation insurance products resulting from the reforms under Act 44 of 1993," said Insurance Commissioner Linda S.
10, the company had offered BasiCare proposals to 24 businesses in eastern North Carolina, and sold three group policies that cover 91 employees -- 24 percent of whom were previously uninsured.
Life & Pension INSIGHT(TM) offers a unique flexibility, accommodating new product definition, both individual and group policies and providing compliance with tax and other regulatory changes.
ScriptLogic combines the functionality of logon scripting, group policies and user profile management into an intuitive management console without the need to write or debug a single line of code.
NetIQ(R) Group Policy Guardian(TM): NetIQ Group Policy Guardian delivers complete real-time monitoring and alerting for Active Directory Group Policies, enabling users to quickly identify, verify and track Group Policy changes while capturing changes in an auditing database.
For relatively static domains, locking the desktop and tightening browser settings using group policies will be the simplest, most effective strategy, albeit not foolproof.

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