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Many of the tip tanks allow a gross weight increase, although some require some of that weight to be fuel in the tip tanks and on some installations the landing weight does not increase.
Based on the chassis of the reputed cross-country vehicle, its 9.4-tonne gross weight affords it a 1.5 tonne payload capability at the highest protection level.
That is because in most states that OmniSource operates in, tractor/trailer combinations can haul between 80,000 and 168,000 pounds of gross weight, while the straight trucks can haul only 68,000 pounds of gross weight to remain within the legal limit, he says.
The gross weight is referred to, in official terms, as the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) ( which means the maximum potential weight the trailer or vehicle can carry, including its own weight and cargo, regardless of how much it actually weighs at any given time.
Under the agreement Kvaerner Masa-Yards would design, build and deliver the 73,500 gross weight ton ship.
"Weight is a greater concern for Sky Car than for conventional airplanes," says Moller, "because we have to lift each pound off the ground vertically." In the case of the four-passenger version, this means a gross weight of 2,400 lb.
Since then, gross weight has increased as missions have; the types of missions have multiplied; and the threats have greatly increased.
It was with this in mind that product handling specialists Lodematic Ltd, tel:0120 042 2233, approached the design and manufacture of a machine for Burton's Biscuits, which was required to handle a large dough mixing bowl with a gross weight of 1500kg, turning it through 135[degrees].
The American Trucking Association Maintenance Council publishes The Fleet Manager's Guide to Fuel Economy, which outlines estimated fuel consumption for a Class 8 tractor-trailer with an 80,000-pound gross weight, operating at standard highway speeds with various options and under various driving conditions.
The CD features full details on more than 13,500 products, including cubic measurements, gross weight, value and photos.