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The transport industry paid R223 million less gross earnings than the previous quarter.
On the other hand, under gross earnings coverage, the business interruption period of liability is defined as the time it takes to repair or replace damaged property, which can extend for more than a year depending on circumstances.
Heyder and Rankin estimate that more than 100 properties will be acquired in 2016, bringing gross earnings to USD 2.
Three points should be highlighted at this stage: First, as in Girouard and Andre (2005) we want to estimate the contemporaneous elasticity between gross earnings and income tax.
For the nine months ended 30 September 2014, the firm said that its gross earnings climbed by 12.
706 and gross earnings for people aged 22-39 at PS25,706.
The British rapper shared the documents she has received for the case on Twitter saying, the NFL are demanding "50 percent of gross earnings over 500,000 dollars in any year", and "100 percent of gross earnings over 5,000,000 dollars in any year".
1]250 crore mark, the gross earnings have surpassed the a[sup.
But net earnings probably negative Gross earnings in Cyprus rose on average by 1.
According to provisional data of the annual structure of earnings statistics, in 2011 women's monthly gross earnings were on average 4.
June 9, 1950: Huddersfield dentists were protesting against the latest 10% cut to their gross earnings on top of a previous 30% reduction.
The GMB stated that across the UK the real value of average gross earnings for full-time workers in all occupational groups have fallen by 5.