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Many of the tip tanks allow a gross weight increase, although some require some of that weight to be fuel in the tip tanks and on some installations the landing weight does not increase.
4-tonne gross weight equipped with a passive or reactive add-on armour suite and a 2.
Two airplanes of identical aerodynamic configuration but different gross weight could glide the same distance from the same altitude, but only if the heavier airplane flew at a higher airspeed to support the greater weight at optimum CL.
Walle: Generally it's defined as a passenger-carrying motor coach under 40 feet in length, less than 30,000 pounds in gross weight and accommodating 14 to 30 passengers of varying degrees of function.
The B-1B suffers from devicing problems, a dubious time-share relation, ship between its offensive and defensive computers, fuel capacity problems that place a fuel cell in a bomb bay instead of bombs, and an air-refueling envelope at maximum gross weight that is so low planners have to be concerned about mountain ranges near refueling tracks.
Robert Sager, former director of the DEA's Western Regional Laboratory in San Francisco, says he and other members of the agency's scientific staff were baffled by their superiors' determination to base sentences on gross weight rather than the number of doses, which had been federal practice until 1986.
A double-mast, single-aisle AS/RS handles unit load devices (ULDs) with up to 10,000 lb gross weight each.
Burnside could have devoted a little more time emphasizing the dynamics of gross weight and the adjustment of maneuvering speed to compensate.
37 of the Executive Regulation of the Traffic Law issued by a Royal Decree, the load carrying limit will depend upon the axial weights and not on the gross weight of the truck.
Conducted on a full-size non-flying airframe called the static test article, the tests are part of a three-year program to validate that the largest helicopter ever designed and built by Sikorsky has the structural integrity to operate safely over its entire flight envelope, from its empty gross weight of 44,000 pounds up to its maximum gross weight of 88,000 pounds with external load.
THE METRO Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has banned trucks with a gross weight of 4,500 kilograms and above from any portion of Edsa during the holidays.