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The grid plan is a model that prevails in the West, while the organization of the different districts refers to traditional Hindu concepts.
Spanish colonial cities are considered typical examples of cities that used the most integrated grid plan system, though grid plan cities are seen everywhere, as mentioned above.
The agreement with the Philippine power utility firm on the smart grid plan was signed between Zak and CEPALCO chief executive officer Ed Bautista.
National Grid plan to make pounds 350million a year savings .
"The national grid plan is two years behind schedule so we have a gap to fill," he said.
The goal was to liberate totems and masks, textiles and carvings from the rails, vitrines, white boxes and grid plan of a conventional museum.
But it could have been more than a game, one suspects, if Grant had not been so wedded to his schematic grid plan of symbols and metaphors--scrupulously not divulged here--and let the characters have their comic voice.
He reportedly said the project could support an integrated power grid plan of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Anyone who has been to Barcelona has been startled by the way the city's rational grid plan is suddenly interrupted by abrupt glimpses of seemingly time-weathered domestic architecture suitable for troglodytes or views of an unfinished cathedral that rises from the ground like a volcanic apparition.
Furthermore, Strobel and Wimmer frequently refer to grid numbers but do not reproduce the grid plan (see Clamer 1997: 4).
Under phase one of the grid plan, transmission links should connect Saudi Arabia with the power grids of Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, while a separate grid will link Oman and the United Arab Emirates in phase two.