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Greenspeak: a Study of Environmental Discourse Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications
Irish English, the unique version of English spoken in Ireland that has developed through the interweaving of the English and Irish language, is dealt with in Paddy Sammon's book 'Greenspeak; Ireland in Her Own Words'.
The second section of 'Greenspeak' (Part II) comprises a Subject Index and a People Index.
Greenspeak: Fifty Years of Environmental Muckraking & Advocacy, by Michael Frame.
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Anyone who has seen the chief executive of Virgin Rail, Chris Greenspeak, will have been exposed to that hard-edged and insensitive management already.
In fact, the regulators dislike them so much that they're working toward banning them altogether, though in greenspeak that's called "fostering the adoption of alternate fuels."
Some environmentalists at the meeting concluded that the bank had merely learned a new Orwellian dialect, "Greenspeak." With the bank, it's best to ignore what they say and watch what they do.
& Jonathan Riehl, Presidential Greenspeak: How Presidents Talk About