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The assets of a business including land, buildings, machinery, and all equipment permanently employed.
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Fixed Asset

An asset with a long-term useful life that a company uses to make its products or provide its services. Strictly speaking, a fixed asset is any asset that the company does not expect to sell for at least a year, but the term often refers to assets a company expects to have indefinitely. Common examples of fixed assets are real estate and factories, which a company holds for long periods of time.
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large items of capital such as a PRODUCTION LINE or furnace used in production. See MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT, CAPITAL STOCK, FIXED ASSET.
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In approximately 2 wk, green plants developed and subsequently transferred to soil and grown to maturity in the greenhouse.
Begin by destroying a part of the web because of human presence; for example, some hikers camp in a pristine spot but do not take care and trample all the green plants in the area.
The original Steptoe and Morex parents varied markedly for the ability of embryogenic callus to regenerate green plants, but were similar with respect to albino plant regeneration.
Photosynthesis is the power-gathering, fuel-making system for green plants. It's good competitive strategy to get first crack at the sunlight powering this process.
Some sneak-thief plants have tapped into the most widespread network of soil fungi, and they're using it to steal food from respectable green plants, according to a new study of underground connections.
Planting date June 1996 September 1996 Green Days to Green Genotype Environment plants culture plants ([dagger]) Morex Growth chamber 81.7 de 70-79 71.7 ef Morex Greenhouse 69.1 ef 49-50 51.9 fg Golden Promise Growth chamber 114.3 bc 105 101.0 cd Golden Promise Greenhouse 96.4 cd 77-84 115.9 bc Planting date September December 1996 March 1997 1996 Days to Green Days to Green Days to Genotype culture plants culture plants culture Morex 91-114 79.4 de 78 86.8 de 86 Morex 62 24.5 h 50 52.0 fg 56 Golden Promise 138 81.0 de 105 152.9 a 112 Golden Promise 77-84 42.5 gh 49 127.4 b 58 ([dagger]) Mean number of green plants regenerated per petri plate.
They make most of their own food the same way regular green plants do: They take in water and carbon dioxide and use the sun's energy to make glucose (a type of sugar) in a process called photosynthesis.
Life as we know it depends on layers of living green plants converting energy from the sun and lifeless molecules into our basic necessities.