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The assets of a business including land, buildings, machinery, and all equipment permanently employed.

Fixed Asset

An asset with a long-term useful life that a company uses to make its products or provide its services. Strictly speaking, a fixed asset is any asset that the company does not expect to sell for at least a year, but the term often refers to assets a company expects to have indefinitely. Common examples of fixed assets are real estate and factories, which a company holds for long periods of time.


large items of capital such as a PRODUCTION LINE or furnace used in production. See MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT, CAPITAL STOCK, FIXED ASSET.
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In fact, one of the reasons why composite was selected for the XLR is because it shares the paint shop in the Bowling Green plant with the Corvette.
Be sure to include insects, small plant-eating animals (herbivores), larger meat-and plant-eating animals (omnivores), large meat-eating animals (carnivores), green plants used as food (producers), and funguses (decomposers).
The numbers for green plant regeneration per gfw of callus ranged from 0.
2 : covered with green plant growth <green fields>
The rodents ate a considerable amount of green plant tissue, presumably a substantial water source during tough times.
Barley transformation techniques use tissue culture systems that require high rates of green plant regeneration for acceptable transformation efficiencies.
Members of this Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group unveiled their conclusions this week at the XVI International Botanical Congress in St.