Green fund

Green Fund

A mutual fund that invests exclusively in securities in environmentally-friendly companies. Different green funds have different methodologies for determining what constitutes an environmentally-friendly company. Some may avoid certain industries (notably oil and gas) entirely, while others may look at the environmental records of particular companies. Each green fund describes its methodology in its prospectus. It is also called an environmental fund.

Green fund.

A mutual fund that selects investments based on a commitment to environmental principles may be described as a green fund.

Not all green funds stress exactly the same values. A fund that seeks environmentally friendly businesses -- say those that use alternative fuels -- may not be concerned about what those companies manufacture.

Another fund may avoid any company in what it considers an unacceptable industry, despite the company's individual environmental record. In every case, the fund's approach is described in its prospectus.

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JP Morgan delivered its intention to form the green fund to us in March as it viewed South Korea's eco-friendly industries as being highly promising,' said an official at the ministry of Knowledge and Economy.
Virgin Green Fund is a dynamic and entrepreneurial firm that represents a truly unique platform for investing in renewables and resource efficiency and I am thrilled to be joining such a talented group of professionals," said Coppel.
124 million of green fund to encourage emission reduction and energy saving of
The company is backed by an international group of leading investors including Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures (UK), Virgin Green Fund (US/UK), Advanced Technology & Materials (China), PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund (US), AGF Private Equity (a member of Allianz Group, France) and Valor KG (Austria).
It will be used to co-finance the London Green Fund - a holding fund financial instrument managed by EIB, and using European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) available to the Greater London region.
The firm's Green Fund has awarded pounds 14,667 to the UK's first planned earth-sheltered village hall in Bardon Mill to pay for an air source heat pump and solar panels, which locals hope will supply 23% of the building's electricity and meet all of its heating and hot water needs.
Trust First School in Haydon Bridge, near Hexham, Northumberland, will install an array of solar panels and a biomass boiler with the help of the grant from the EDF Energy Green Fund.
LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Virgin Green Fund, a private equity firm focused on growth capital investing in the renewable energy and resource efficiency sectors, today announced that Toby Coppel has joined the firm as a Partner in its London office.
Masdar Clean Tech Fund and Virgin Green Fund today announced the buy-out of DuraTherm, Inc.
Jim Langridge, of the Countryside Commission, said: "We had more than 100 applications for grants from the Millennium Green Fund but this bid was one of the more businesslike.
In addition to the funds raised by the Green Fair, the Asbury Foundation established The Green Fund for Bethany Village.
Shafto e Trust First School in Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, will be able to install an array of solar panels and a biomass boiler with help from the grant from EDF Energy's Green Fund.