Green fund

Green Fund

A mutual fund that invests exclusively in securities in environmentally-friendly companies. Different green funds have different methodologies for determining what constitutes an environmentally-friendly company. Some may avoid certain industries (notably oil and gas) entirely, while others may look at the environmental records of particular companies. Each green fund describes its methodology in its prospectus. It is also called an environmental fund.
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Green fund.

A mutual fund that selects investments based on a commitment to environmental principles may be described as a green fund.

Not all green funds stress exactly the same values. A fund that seeks environmentally friendly businesses -- say those that use alternative fuels -- may not be concerned about what those companies manufacture.

Another fund may avoid any company in what it considers an unacceptable industry, despite the company's individual environmental record. In every case, the fund's approach is described in its prospectus.

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Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte has pushed the City Council to amend SP 2350 (the Environment Protection and Waste Management Code of QC) after the Commission on Audit (COA) confirmed the city's "Green Fund'' amounting to P316 million is a public fund that must be subjected to the agency's audit.
(RSCI), in support of the Green Fund project of the Quezon City Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (QC-EPWMD), has turned over 32 hybrid electric-tricycles (e-trikes) to 16 of the city's barangays, as part of its commitment to help promote environmental initiatives.
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In the second project stage, Sweco will launch and manage on behalf of Rwanda's Green Fund, FONERWA, an international urban planning and architectural design competition.
"The UAE and Dubai in particular has always been the front-runner for accelerating green capital, and the Dubai Green Fund was created with the aim of catalysing crowding into green economy projects.
Over the next few years, this green fund targets to drive an investment worth Rs 150 million in various sectors.
The bank was awarded for commercial lending for projects by financing Strathmore University in 2014 through a Green Fund at concessionary rates to secure the largest rooftop photo voltaic power plant.