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environmental audit

an examination of an organization's production, distribution and marketing activities which concentrates upon the environmental impact of these activities. Green audits can assist an organization in identifying sources of environmental pollution or excessive resource usage so that it can then seek to improve its performance.
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11393 or 'Advanced Energy and Green Building Technologies Curriculum Act' on Aug.
Saeed Al Abbar, Chairman of EmiratesGBC, has been elected Treasurer of the World Green Building Council's (WorldGBC) Board of Directors.
There are two strategies to have a green building - using passive green strategies and using active green strategies.
An independent forum aimed at conserving the environment by strengthening and promoting green building practices, EmiratesGBC has already launched submissions for the awards.
This allows the swift response and updating of the different Green Building Rating schemes to ensure that Berde continue to be relevant and responsive to our environmental priorities and aligned with local and international laws and standards,' de la Cruz said.
15 provides for filing fee of P150 for green building pre-compliance certificate, and P50 green building compliance certificate.
This year, the MENA Green Building Awards are endorsed by the World Green Building Council and is being organised in partnership with the Jordan Green Building Council and Lebanon Green Building Council.
The MENA Regional Network comprises nine Green Building Councils based in the MENA region.
Reinventing Green Building: Why Certification Systems Aren't Working and What We Can do About It
The face of supply-side reform of the new normal, China's green building development must take the road of innovation, overall innovation needs of the whole industrial chain innovation (Ma, 2007; Kai, 2011).
Pakistan Green Building Council will also launch Pakistan Green Building Guidelines V-I during this event, a statement said on Monday

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