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While the "Jeopardy" theme played in my head, I had to select from two sizes of Keen gargoyle/garden green shoes or the men's bungee cord Teva choice.
He is believed to be wearing either jeans or black pyjama bottoms, a pyjama top with a Loony Tunes motif on it, a green Berghaus waterproof jacket or fleece, and green shoes with a brown stripe.
STEAL GLEN'S STYLE: Levi's shirt, Topman jacket, jeans from H&M, Vans trainers Ricky Bruce, 24, musician, from Cardiff Heavily influenced by the '40s and '50s, Ricky caught our eye a mile off with his trendy hat and green shoes combo.
cheryl cole Aw, Cheryl pet, you're a pretty lass, but those almost-tropical trousers with those green shoes and that pineapple hairdo, we think you look less the nation's sweetheart, more national park.
Shoes from left to right: leopard print flat sandals, pounds 13; coral court shoes, pounds 30; pink wedge sandals, pounds 32; and navy and green shoes, pounds 42.
Geometric stilettos, pounds 85 Flatties, pounds 65 Red platform stilettos, pounds 85 Sandals pounds 80 Green shoes pounds 85 from the PPQ for Office collection
Recognized global brands are said to now make green shoes, green cars and green electronics from these biological TPU polyester and polyether-based product ranges.
Nadal, decked out in black with electric green shoes and accents on his shirt, served up seven aces and pounded in 67 percent of his first serves in a match that lasted nearly three hours.
uk Indulge yourself with a clear conscience by treating a special someone to this bag by Green Shoes, one of the UK's leading ethical footwear and accessory companies.
Whenever I step on to a course nowadays, I wear a green jumper, green trousers, green shoes and a green balaclava, so I'm almost completely camouflaged and no-one can notice me hacking my way around like a demented lumberjack.
Alison Hastie, co-founder of ethical shoe manufacturer Green Shoes, explains that each material has its pros and cons: 'Eco-tanning is a much cleaner process than traditional methods, but the chrome used for the latter makes the shoes more hardwearing and longer-lasting.
The other wore a green jacket, jeans and green shoes.