Green fund

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Green Fund

A mutual fund that invests exclusively in securities in environmentally-friendly companies. Different green funds have different methodologies for determining what constitutes an environmentally-friendly company. Some may avoid certain industries (notably oil and gas) entirely, while others may look at the environmental records of particular companies. Each green fund describes its methodology in its prospectus. It is also called an environmental fund.

Green fund.

A mutual fund that selects investments based on a commitment to environmental principles may be described as a green fund.

Not all green funds stress exactly the same values. A fund that seeks environmentally friendly businesses -- say those that use alternative fuels -- may not be concerned about what those companies manufacture.

Another fund may avoid any company in what it considers an unacceptable industry, despite the company's individual environmental record. In every case, the fund's approach is described in its prospectus.

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Hence, numerous green funds have been set up and billions of dollars are being invested.
China should encourage local governments to set up green funds and work together with social capital to bring down financing costs, Chen suggested.
Global Banking News-November 16, 2015--Yes Bank, LSE sign agreement for green funds
Green funds come in a range of 'shades of green' which dictates how the fund manager can invest, the darker the green the stricter the criteria.
This Board meeting also provided a platform for the American CBFP Facilitator to present the CBFP road map for the next two years and Board members were able to discuss assistance to be provided to the Congo Basin states to help build their capacity to mobilise green funds.
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Ditchfield compared the returns, over one to 10 years, of various green funds against a PS10,000 lump sum held in a 90-day notice account with a bank or building society: over 10 years, he reckons, the Kames Ethical Equity A fund produced a 186 per cent return, while the cash delivered a return of barely 29 per cent.
In its latest review, Barchester Green lists Cheviot Asset Management''s Climate Asset fund - up by more than 16% in a year - as a 'winner' among green funds.
However, green funds still account for only a tiny part of total savings.
Investors looking for green funds will find that they have a myriad of different investment portfolios just as investors in SRI funds have many investment opportunities.