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A representation of numbers signifying different data sets. Graphs are vitally important in tracking past performance of economic data with the aim of predicting its future behavior. For example, a government agency may create a graph of unemployment claims over time. If claims have trended downward, the agency may predict that unemployment may remain low. Graphs are also crucial for technical analysts, who use them to track securities' performance to help make investment decisions. Graphs are also known as charts.
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Data displayed in a diagrammatic manner, often to show relationships between different sets of numbers. Charts are used to observe the historical values of variables and, frequently, to spot trends that may provide insights for use in projecting future values. Also called graph. See also bar chart, candlestick chart, line chart, point-and-figure chart.
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For the same alternating stress level of 896-269 MPa, the fatigue life is found to be 90763 cycles by graphical method and equivalent stress is found to be 578 MPa.
The second method, called the graphical method, is used to approximately determine the ratio between rotational speeds of driver and follower shafts and is frequently employed to obtain a quick check on the results obtained by the first method.
* The thermo graphical method is an objective way of showing the overstressed body areas during the working hours of dentists while using the microscope.
The topics have been extensively reorganized for the third edition to reflect current developments in the field, and a substantial amount of new material has been added, including new chapters covering graphical methods, spatial relationships, analysis of variance, extending regression analysis, spatial analysis, and more worked examples with accompanying graphics.
Josiah Willard Gibbs was the founder of modern thermodynamics and a pioneer in graphical methods for thermal sciences.
Scripting, macros, and other graphical methods of the predefined inspection process also streamlines routine inspection jobs.
Other new sections are mixture distributions, non-homogeneous Poisson processes, sufficient statistical estimators and the linear exponential family, Bayesian analysis and conjugate prior distributions, nonparametric statistical methods, and graphical methods.
In this treatment of statistics specifically directed to transportation planners and engineers, Spiegelman (statistics, Texas A&M U.; Texas Transportation Institute) and other transportation experts discuss the basics of statistical and graphical methods, differences between methodologies, strategies for conducting computer-aided statistical designs (using JMP software by SAS), bias-corrected confidence intervals, re-sampling techniques for evaluating uncertainties, and the concepts of Bayesian estimation and smoothing estimators.
In this study we used thermo graphical methods to evidence the difference between two dentists, one with the tendinitis syndrome and the other with healthy hands.
After introducing the philosophy and fundamentals of the field, he deals with statistical concepts and techniques in quality control improvement, followed by graphical methods of empirical distributions.

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