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Human amniotic epithelial cells can differentiate into granulosa cells and restore folliculogenesis in a mouse model of chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure.
(25) A reticulin stain, which of course has traditionally been of great help in delineating neoplastic granulosa cells from pure stromal cells, is particularly helpful in enabling categorization of most cells within the nodules in these cases as falling in the granulosa cell family by displaying a dearth of reticulum.
(27.) Vitt, U.A., Hayashi, M., Klein, C., Hsueh, A.J., Growth differentiation factor-9 stimulates proliferation but suppresses the follicle-stimulating hormone-induced differentiation of cultured granulosa cells from small antral and preovulatory rat follicles.
Transcription factor FOXL2 protects granulosa cells from stress and delays cell cycle: Role of its regulation by the SIRT1 deacetylase.
Some damaged follicles with disorganized granulosa cells were found in LIF non-treated group (Figure 1C, white arrow).
It was important to understand if this herb affected the oocytes or their supporting granulosa cells that are critical for reproduction.
A stronger (P<0.05) labeling intensity was found in granulosa cells of follicles in the AN30 treatment, compared to the noncultured control, cultured control, and AA treatments.
An increase in ROS production in granulosa cells is associated with decreased fertilization, poor embryo quality, and a decreased implantation rate (20).
Although there is no consensus on the pathogenesis of these tumors, most investigators believe they originate from early ovarian mesenchyma as they are composed of granulosa cells, theca cells, and fibroblasts in different degrees [3].
Tamoxifen may increase the levels of estrogen by interfering with the normal negative pituitary feedback mechanism [9] and by its direct effect with ovarian granulosa cells [10].