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Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Granta Design has over 180 employees.
The 2019 models from Lada in Egypt are limited to Granta 2019, as we see the imported manual and automatic versions disappear from the competition.
Designed to bring the engineering materials community in line with the highly digitalised processes adopted by other industries over the last three decades, Version 10 of the Granta MI software aims to remove constraints such as manual and error-prone processes, the widely-varying needs of different groups in an enterprise, and the lack of a consistent approach across key engineering tools such as computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.
What sets Material Universe apart from other materials databases is that its data is comparable; Granta essentially normalizes the properties data across suppliers and test techniques.
The China launch gives Granta, which was started in 1889, a presence in four major world languages.
The Granta MI for Ansys Workbench enables validated materials property models to be quickly and consistently accessed and applied from within Ansys software, providing full traceability of the materials inputs to simulations.
Increased production overheads (Lada Granta production was still ramping up) as well as higher raw material prices were major reasons why CoGS grew faster than revenue.
Sigrid is also the owner of Granta Books and publishes literary magazine Granta.
Yorker, Poetry, TLS, the Nation, Granta, and elsewhere.
On Tuesday (7pm), Jim Crace will be reading Granta 119.