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"What remains unclear, however, is whether Section 11, Article XII permits a situation where a foreign State, acting through its government-owned enterprise, can own any part of a government utility," he added.
In Chapter 6, Wannathepsakul invites the reader to an immersion into elite networks in two holding companies in the energy sector: PTT Pcl, a partially privatized state-owned enterprise (SOE) specializing in petroleum; and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), a fully government-owned enterprise. While the holdings are subject to laws regulating SOEs, their subsidiaries are subject to either to public or private laws.
* With very few exceptions, including Airbnb as noted below, all business in Cuba must be conducted directly with the Cuban government or a Cuban government-owned enterprise, of which there are several important ones, such as CIMEX and TRD.
Goznak is a Russian government-owned enterprise responsible for the production of coins and banknotes.
AVIC Auto is wholly owned by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (unrated), a Chinese central government-owned enterprise.
Pertamina will operate the Mahakam block from January 2018 and will share a 70 per cent participating interest with a regional government-owned enterprise, Said said, noting that this stake would not exceed 10 per cent.
PAL was also affected by high operating costs carried over from its days as a government-owned enterprise, as well as soaring fuel costs: its single largest expense item, accounting for approximately half of its operating expenses.
13, 2012 (CENS)--Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd., a government-owned enterprise, plans to relocate its three plants in Taiwan to Southeast Asia to set a precedent in its 66-year history, according to chairman F.H.
In 1989 Skoda Auto Works in Bratislava was a sleepy, government-owned enterprise producing cars with a reputation for poor quality that wasn't that different from Czechoslovakia's reputation in general.
25 -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that HPCL- Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL), a joint venture between Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, an Indian government-owned enterprise, and Mittal Energy Investments Pte Ltd, Singapore, a Lakshmi N Mittal Group Company, has selected IBM as its strategic partner in the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for their zero residue refinery.
The Kupol mine and the East and West exploration licences are owned by the Chukotka Mining & Geological Company, in which Kinross holds 75% and the rest is owned by a local government-owned enterprise.
China's growing economic importance is demonstrated very forcefully by the acquisition of MG Rover by Nanjing Automobile Group, which is a government-owned enterprise rather than a private business.

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