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The business, act, or practice of attempting to influence legislation or policy. For example, a lobbyist may call a legislator and urge him/her to vote for a bill that, if passed, would favor the industry or interests of lobbyist's client. Lobbying can be a lucrative business. However, a variety of rules exist in many jurisdictions to guard against the possibility that it can degenerate into bribery.


the process of bringing pressure to bear on governments to persuade them to adopt policies or allocate resources in ways that are favourable to special-interest groups, for example, farmers pressuring their agricultural ministers for higher agricultural support prices and environmental groups pressing for tougher pollution controls.
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In 2004, government relations was spun out into a department within University Advancement, with Lingenfelter leading the charge as assistant vice president for Government, Corporate, and Foundation Relations.
Another area in which ASME Government Relations plans to play a role is in ASME Solutions, a new customer-focused organization whose purpose is to bring the resources of the Society to bear in providing information to major industries and to bring ASME entities together in an effort to package Society products and services to better serve our industry customers.
While the current Appraisal Institute structure requires all chapters to have a functioning government affairs committee, it does not require chapters (where there is more than one chapter in a state) to coordinate their efforts through a State Government Relations Representative.
The explosion of information from all sources and the ease with which members can fire off messages to government relations departments are generating more member questions, which place a costly burden on association staff struggling to keep on top of issues.
Government relations, too, has never been more vital, requiring early warnings, monitoring and strategic communication support.
In her new role, Gwyn will be responsible for the company's government relations activities in North America, as well as key growth markets, including Latin America.
government relations activities relating to housing policy to help shape the discussion of the issues impacting the private mortgage insurance industry.
General Motors Corporation (GM) (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, has reorganised its government relations and public policy team.
At that meeting, CalCPA members were represented by Government Relations Committee vice-chairs Michael Ueltzen and Hal Schultz, as well as myself.
An effective government relations program requires an organized network of appraisers who are educated about the political process and the issues impacting them.
A pioneer who created a government relations presence for the restaurant industry, Clifford H.

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