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The business, act, or practice of attempting to influence legislation or policy. For example, a lobbyist may call a legislator and urge him/her to vote for a bill that, if passed, would favor the industry or interests of lobbyist's client. Lobbying can be a lucrative business. However, a variety of rules exist in many jurisdictions to guard against the possibility that it can degenerate into bribery.
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the process of bringing pressure to bear on governments to persuade them to adopt policies or allocate resources in ways that are favourable to special-interest groups, for example, farmers pressuring their agricultural ministers for higher agricultural support prices and environmental groups pressing for tougher pollution controls.
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After thorough discussion, the government relations team summarizes their findings and recommends a stance to be voted on by the Chamber Board of Directors.
In 2004, government relations was spun out into a department within University Advancement, with Lingenfelter leading the charge as assistant vice president for Government, Corporate, and Foundation Relations.
Although their work is primarily focused on the organization's national agenda, they are also available to assist chapter level government relations committees in a variety of ways.
Over the years, ASME's government relations efforts have gained an increasing level of respect on Capitol Hill, as well as in federal agencies and in state capitals.
At ASAE, however, "We have yet to convince the vast majority of membership of the importance of government relations," Fondren believes.
Most recently, Greenwell was the company's senior vice president (SVP) heading its International Government Relations, its advocacy on political, regulatory and legislative issues in over 40 countries in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
(NYSE: MET) has said that it has appointed Susan Greenwell as head of Global Government Relations.
Veterans of America's (PVA) Government Relations department is now heading a prestigious Army National Guard division.
NAB NAB's Executive Vice President, Government Relations Kelly Cole has decided to exit the association in order to hang up her own shingle.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 6, 2015-MGIC hires new SVP government relations
Two seasoned government relations and public policy professionals joined the International Franchise Association this past fall.

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