Government obligations

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Government obligations

U.S. government-backed debt instruments, which are considered among the safest investments possible, including Treasury bonds, bills, and notes, and savings bonds.

Government Security

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Ernst & Young has verified the mathematical accuracy of the computations showing that the government obligations will mature at the required times and in sufficient amounts to pay the remaining debt service requirements and redemption price of the applicable refunded bonds to their call dates.
With respect to 'seeking solutions' the co-defendant AHA knows full well that the defendant nonprofit hospital systems and hospitals simply have to operate as nonprofits and fulfill their government obligations and they know that they have been perpetuating the practice of overcharging uninsured patients.
In response to a statement issued by the American Hospital Association ("AHA"), a co-defendant in class action lawsuits brought by uninsured patients against nonprofit hospital systems and hospitals for failing to fulfill their government obligations to provide charitable healthcare to uninsured patients and overcharging uninsured patients significantly more than any other patient group, the lawyers for the plaintiffs today stated:
Prior to substituting or reinvesting in government obligations or disbursing funds to the Authority, the escrow agent must receive a new report from certified public accountants verifying the continued sufficiency of escrowed funds to meet all future payments of principal and interest on the refunded bonds.
Merkel canceled several government obligations and a trip.
At the same time, it escapes all government obligations and controls on the plea that it is a private company," said Riaz.
Government: Total US federal government obligations for R&D rose 3.
He underlined the necessity to suppress any illicit deals, and the execution of all government obligations.
This takes into account the direct government obligations of the Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE governments.
government obligations, less than $50 billion matures in the next year.
The chiefs call for its effective and immediate implementation as it is consistent with government obligations set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and many federal, provincial and territorial child-focused statutes.

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