government debt

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Government Debt

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government debt

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Moreover, the government borrowing from the SBP also increased by record highs during the period, increasing inflationary pressures on the economy.
However, excessive government borrowing from commercial banks has a flip side.
Keynes advocated higher government borrowing in a recession.
Dominguez III expressed reluctance to embrace a proposal made by Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto to put a cap on government borrowing.
According to the report released on Monday, increase in external public debt contributed Rs 1,900 billion to the public debt during first nine month of ongoing fiscal year while government borrowing for financing of fiscal deficit from external sources was Rs 524 billion during the said period.
This comes as an MP seeks to have government borrowing controlled.
The reason for this rise in total public debt was attributed to an increase in domestic debt of Rs504 billion, whilst government borrowing for funding of fiscal deficit from domestic sources was Rs331 billion.
This growth is largely attributed to higher cost of raw materials (cotton, petroleum products, etc), continuation of capacity expansion in power and construction-allied industries (especially cement and steel), and favorable liquidity conditions due to retirement of government borrowing from commercial banks.
Government borrowing from the central bank, which rises and falls in a quarterly manner, is usually undertaken for routine liquidity management or to roll over older debt.
'Government borrowing from the State Bank is made through printing of new notes,' Arif Habib Limited Head of Research Samiullah Tariq told The Express Tribune.
The representatives of the textile sector identified a high cost of LNG, non-clearance of refunds and government borrowing by banks as major causes that led to the decline in exports.
It came as Government borrowing, excluding banks, for the financial year to date - April to September - fell by PS2.3 billion to PS45.5 billion, compared with the same six months in 2015.

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