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The other six vehicles will be available from March to early 2012 and include the Vauxhall Ampera, which will cost more than pounds 28,000 - taking into account the Government grant.
Responding to the demands of KPC body, he assured them to work for resolving issues facing club members, particularly the ownership of KPC building, development work in journalist housing society at Hawks Bay and the government grant for the club.
The Welsh Government grant scheme, launched in April, supports community groups and projects that help people make lifestyle or behaviour changes for more climate-friendly living.
com, there are thousands of grants available through federal and state government grant programs, private foundations and scholarship programs.
Tesson also has eyes on capitalizing on the research aspect to bring in more government grant dollars to Laurentian.
FIONA Hyslop will be quizzed by MSPs over a PS150,000 Scottish Government grant to the promoters of T in the Park.
And while Newcastle has received a PS10 million government grant for the lanes, UKIP complained: "Just because they receive a government grant they don't have to spend it.
Since 2010/11, the Government grant paid to Cleveland Fire Authority has been cut by PS7.
The council is expected to see its Government grant reduced by PS150 million next year.
8% reduction in Government grant funding for 2014/15.
ANGLESEY: Welsh Government grant cut for 2014/15 by 3.

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